Bamse’s Wood

Lot 1 at Bamse's Wood - eco offset for one of 2015's picture books for children Lot 2 at Bamse's Wood - Bamse Came Too an exciting adventure book for childrenBamse Came Too” may be unique in that it is, we believe, the first book to have an area of woodland planted in order to offset the book’s carbon footprint.

Bamse’s Wood is 17 acres in the Lake District and will incorporate a small memorial garden which will include some Norway Maple, Norway Spruce & Scots Pine. Elsewhere, the accent will be on native broadleaf. Red squirrels have been spotted in Blengdale at the northern end. The remaining field at the northern end by the bridge is just short of 7 acres and again the preponderant species will be native broadleaf.

Location of, and directions to, Bamse’s Wood

Bamse’s Wood is located 3 miles to the north-east of Gosforth. Turn off the A595 Whitehaven to Barrow-in-Furness road into the village of Gosforth. Continue through the village and bear left following signs for Nether Wasdale/Wasdale. On crossing the river, the road climbs the hill and the access track known as ‘Guards Lonning’ is to the left. Continue up Guards Lonning (N.B. Guards Lonning provides access on foot and by tractor, 4×4, quad-bike, etc.) for approx. 1 ½ miles and Lot 1 is on your right. Lot 2 is approximately ½ a mile further along Guards Lonning on your left. The location is shown on the map below. SatNav users input postcode CA20 1EN to get to Guards Lonning

Bamse's Wood is a green offset for the printing of one of the best new picture books for children to be published in 2015.


All About Bamse Came Too

This great new colour fully illustrated book came hot off the press on the 12th December 2014. The book is about the adventures of Sea Scamp Bamse and is inspired by Bamse the real life St. Bernard dog who became the mascot of the Norwegian Free Forces during World War II.

Bamse lived with the Hafto family in Honningsvag, Norway until the country was invaded in 1940. At that point he was drafted into the Norwegian Navy. He sailed on the ship “Thorodd” which was part of a flotilla that included the HMS Devonshire (with King Haakon on board) that headed for Scotland.

Bamse, became famous for brave deeds and won the affection of many, particularly the people of Montrose whose Heritage Trust worked hard to create a statue in Bamse’s honour. The statue unveiled by Prince Andrew, Duke Of York in 2006, sits on the wharfside in Montrose.

A delegation of Norwegian dignitaries regularly visit Montrose to pay their respects to a brave dog, that has, in Norway particularly, come to represent a warm source of light in what was a dark period in history.

Bamse Came Too is book one of what is intended to be a series. This volume deals with Bamse’s adventures during his voyage from Norway to Scotland. The book has 52 pages plus its cover and is full colour. Size is 248mm x 260mm.

Bamse Came Too, as well as being set to be one of the best picture books for children published in 2015, represents an eco first. To offset the ecological impact of the production of the book, a 17 acre section of land in The Lake District is being planted out and will be called “Bamse’s Wood.” Full details and location are given in the book, and on this page.