Sea Scamp Bamse

My new book Bamse Came Too is now available. It is the picture book of my adventures during my journey from Norway to Scotland at the beginning of World War II. I become a member of the Norwegian Free Forces and journey aboard the KNM Thorodd with a very happy outcome.

My book is available on Amazon, Ebay and through most good bookshops.


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31 10-17

Win a Bamse Goody Bag!

  I’m giving away 5 Bamse Goody Bags to my Social Media friends! I will be giving 3 away on Facebook, one when I get to 750 likes, another when I get to 1500 likes and a final Goody Bag when I get 2250 likes. And on my Twitter page I’m giving away one Goody […]
11 09-17

Bamse’s Wood

An Eco-Friendly Example for Printing Industry to Follow Every time you make a new friend you should plant a tree. So, how about a new book you just read? The best picture book for children published in 2015 – “Bamse Came Too” sets an eco-friendly example to follow.
27 02-15

Another Brave St Bernard Dog

While researching stories of other St Bernard dogs noted for their bravery, like Bamse, I came across this article in Wikipedia, about a Swiss St Bernard that has been credited with saving more than forty people. Like Bamse, Barry is another brave St Bernard – bravery seems to be a leading trait in the St […]